A WIN for Fermentation!

A few weeks ago the Denver Health Department decided to change their policy on kombucha and wanted us to pasteurize our kombucha. After further review, they have decided not to require us to pasteurize! We just got approval to start brewing some of our favorite flavors again, including Cranberry Lavender! Flavors containing fresh juice (lemon, lime, apple cider) will require further work with the department. Until then, keep an eye out for lots of new flavors.

Our two bottled flavors have run low on the shelves, and while we work to bottle, you can find Happy Leaf Kombucha on tap at many locations, listed here. Feel free to ask your local shops and grocers to support the serving of Happy Leaf Kombucha on tap, which is the best way to get the freshest kombucha and dramatically reduce bottle waste. The taproom is open for normal business hours, 11:30 am to 6:00 pm.

We want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our humble hearts. This was a huge shock and we felt the love and support from everyone in our Colorado and beyond community. It's our promise to you to keep alive our dream of offering the healthiest, most delicious kombucha and food. With your commitment it is an easy promise to keep!